Monday, June 13, 2011

This is MY WEEK!!!!

This my friends is a mothers prayer sent from Heaven!
Ever since Charlie was 14 he has attended and now I have 2 others attending.
We were blessed by having Charlie be a counselor at the Provo EFY and this week he surprised his younger brothers being a counselor (no, not theirs!) at the session in Sandy.
This will probably be Bryant's last year and I'm hoping he gets everything he needs to spiritually in preparations for the upcoming year of challenges he might face.
This is only Jacob's 2nd year...he has a while and loves going!
I love seeing the boys get themselves "ready" for the up coming week with what to where, who they think might be there...the camera's and cell phones ready for those "choice" people they find.
Funny thing, I've never been on the side where the girls are having crushes over the counselor.  It's usually my boys having the crushes and saying how hot their counselor was...So hearing some girl say this about Charlie...just WEIRD!
Don't get me wrong...He loves it, you can tell by the blogs and the experiences he does share with us when he comes home to sleep.
So...for a full week.... It's just Pa, Ma and J-man...sweet!

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