Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's That Time

You know when you first move into a house, you think you have it all figured out...
Well, after almost 3 years...we might have not had the room quiet as planned out as we hoped.
So, while the boys are away...Dad and I are playing..."Swap that Room!"
Here is how it's going...
Dad (you know I mean Doug, right?) is building 2 platforms for beds to lie on.
One will be for Bryant, the other for Charlie.
Bryant's bed was a VERY old waterbed turned into a normal bed...all the drawers are broken, so that's why that bed is getting a new platform to lay upon.
Here's the swap...confusing, I know...but try...
Charlie's bed, which is the bed our guest sleep upon when they visit, is going to Jacob's room.  Jacob's room is going to become the "guest room" and he is getting a new dresser (thank you KSL) that Dad fixed up.  We are fixing Jacob's room up...kinda high schooling it.
Charlie's room is going to be the "dungeon" room. He will get Jacob's old dresser and Bryant's old bed that remember is getting a new platform to lay on.  We decided this, because Charlie has LOTs of things during his off times at BYU and NO place to store it.  Also, when guests do come, Jacob can just go down and sleep on the bed...no worries and it's almost like a mini apartment when Charlie gets home at those lovely college hours...he can now come through the garage and NOT wake us!
Bryant is moving upstairs, near Josh...heehee! He doesn't know whether to be happy about that or not.
On the happier note, he's getting a new mattress and a new dresser (it was Charlie's, but never used).  I'm hoping this helps prepare him a little more for his mission...We will see.
Yup, that's our plans this week and...to be finished by Friday.
I did tell the boys (except Charlie) that it's Mom's cleaning...they were overjoyed...bahahah!
This means, I only keep what I think is necessary and something they will use.  No, I won't throw away their awards or sentimental items...but some of those "treasures" of junk...yup....they will be thrown away and never talked about again.
Wish me success~


Chelsey Oliver: said...

Good luck!!

Cammie said...

Good luck, lady! Sounds like you'll have your hands full.