Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring Break Adventures!

I think with this new adventure, I bit off more then I could chew.  Thankfully, my friend in the meadow and wonderful husband were there to help out.
I have been wanting to do my cupboards for a while after seeing this friends house.  Yes, I envied her look.  So I asked her if she would help me out.  Whew, she said yes.  So Doug had gotten paint a while back we just never had the time.  With Bryant on choir tour, Josh not feeling good, Doug and Jacob off for spring was a good time.  So we started.
 Doug took all the cupboard apart and I took everything off the counters.  Those that know me, know I don't like messes for very long.  Moves are very difficult!
Then the painting began.  That's right, it's black!
All the trim work was complete, we just needed to antique the doors.
The finished project!!!!
It looks amazing!  
I was over joyed at how it makes my kitchen look and everything back in it's place.

Doug and I then ventured in painting our bedroom.  
That wasn't as joyful, due to having a California king and little room to move.  We slept on the couch one night and then while I was out grocery shopping he finished it up.  At first I have to admit the color threw me off (yes, I picked it out) I thought it was going to be a little more blue, but it's a grayish blue.  The color is officially called Kryptonite and is soooo calming and wonderful and classic looking.  
Now to find picture to decorate with!
(the bed hadn't been cleaned off yet!)


Malma said...

They look great! Good job ladies!

Dena said...

I. Love. It!!!

That is all....WOW!!

Dena said...

I. Love. It. WOW!
That is all.....WOW!

Susanne said...

It looks SOOOO good Pam! I love your color choice with the wall color. Nice picks.

You painted so fast! I can't believe you painted all your cupboards in less than a week! I bet it really helped to have your friend and Doug help. What a great friend.

Sharla Jordan said...

Looks Fantastic!

LaNae said...

That looks Great--I love the black! You guys are so talented--it looks like it was done by professionals!