Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Charlie!!! (yes, it's late)

My Oldest just had his 23rd birthday...times have sure changed over the years!

He has always been one to dress up for the occasion. Not many people know, he is very dramatic!  ahah!
Loves the arts...all aspects of know he has a wonderful voice...just listen to him.  Acting, yes, he loves being on stage.  Now his love has changed from acting into dancing or rather BALLROOM dancing. We parents take the responsibility of getting him involved with the Arts...sorry, it runs in our blood!

All three of his partners!

He is a joy to have around the house when he visits from the bubble.  

But most of all, he is the most caring older brother there is.  Charlie has set a wonderful example for his younger 2 brother to follow.  He has a heart of gold and patience that most adults his age don't have or are hard to find.  We enjoy the time he comes and helps make our home complete with happiness and joy.
We are proud of his accomplishments (his latest...drum roll...BACK-UP TEAM)
and can't wait to see what the future holds.
His birthday celebration was kinda lame, just dinner, but today is filled with shopping and maybe some dessert.
Thank you Charles for being a part of our family and helping us find the joy in the small things.
Hope your day was filled with Happiness and more happiness to follow!


Chelsey Oliver: said...

HAPPY B-DAY Charlie!!

Dena said...

BACK-UP Team?????? about natural talent!