Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Future Attorney...maybe?!

Here, I forgot to turn off my flash (I know, how embarrassing!) Jacob is addressing the 3 judges.
They score him according to the comments he makes, the questions he asks and all the objections (which he loves to do) he makes.
This is Jacob questioning the red head who had a pretty good attitude.  I think this is where he proves she lied in her previous statement and an email she had wrote.
I think he looks pretty satisfied here with his questioning.

I would post some of the videos I took, but my hand was shaking so bad, it's hard to watch.  Sorry, but this Mom was nervous for her "attorney".


Cammie said...


LaNae said...

It looks like he's a pro!

Crissie said...

What a cool experience for Jacob! I bet he'd make a GREAT attorney!