Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Day

 The boys always sleep together downstairs.  Kinda like a slumber party, except this year, Jacob decided he wanted to get sick.  So thankfully Bry let him sleep in his room a little loser to the bathroom, but still close enough for brother bonding time.

 I do believe Bryant won this tickle fight.

 The boys waiting on the stairs for Joshua to get all dressed.  Jacob was feeling a little better.

 How beautiful this was...

 All ready to open presents.

 Josh was very into his stocking.

 I think Bry was happy with the little surprises in the stocking as well.

 Jacob enjoying his gifts from the family

 Joshua loved his stuffed animals.  Bry and Charlie in the background opening up their boxed gifts as well.
Bry and Charlie both received new shoes, which they REALLY needed.

This picture speaks for itself :)

After a little snoozing, we set out the nice plates and had a wonderful Christmas dinner.

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