Monday, March 18, 2013

1st Prom

 It's that time again, when the creative mo-jo needs to kick in.  PROM! I really don't like to repeat ideas from the older boys, thankfully there is pinterest.  It's just too bad that I'm not a cake decorator! 
We baked 2 cakes in bowls (a wonderful friend let me borrow them) and then we hollowed out the inside, frosted it, and filled it with her favorite candy and little notes wrapped in tin foil.

Then we covered the cake with icing and Jacob decorated the top.  This is the smaller of the 2 cakes.  It has his name in it.  The problem was, he only put his first name.  I mean seriously, how many "Jake's" are there at BHS? Silly boy!

 The second cake was bigger and a little bit more tricky. We did the same thing, hollowed it out, put candy in it, with little notes asking her to Prom...

The problem started after we put it back together.
 He is my silly boy ready to deliver the cakes.  On the way to this young ladies house.  The bigger of the two cakes started to fall or one side started drooping.  So, thinking I was very smart, got some toothpicks to see if it would hold the cake together.  HAHAH~! Wrong.  But it held...a little and he placed it on her doorstep, pounded on the door, then took off. We went around the corner and then drove back around her house to make sure she got the message.  She did.  2 weeks later she sticky noted his locker with the answer....YES!

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Cammie Smith said...

How fun. I feel like SOMEBODY in your family is always going to prom. :)