Friday, October 12, 2012

Homecoming 2012

 So Homecoming was the same weekend as Conference.  You might ask, why the heck is Bryant in these pictures...well, it Utah, you can't drive others until you've had your license for 6 months.  So, Bryant was awesome in being Jacob chauffeur. Just call him James!
 The events all started with the football game.  The boys picked the girls up (no Jacob's date doesn't go to Bingham, so she borrowed his hoodie and was a great sport) and took them on a picnic to a nearby park before the big game.
 Then Saturday after the first session of conference, they picked the girls up again and rode the trax down to Gardner Village which is always a fun place to go around the holidays.  There the boys treated the girls to a nice lunch at Archibald's.
(I was sick for this part, so I'm very grateful to Bryant for taking pictures)
After the Priesthood session, the boys came home and got dressed up.  Bryant in his tux for his "chauffeur" job and Jacob ready to dance.  Thankfully I had picked up the wristlet before the bug hit.
After the dance (I'm hoping those pictures are less blurry) they came over and had Sunday bowls. 

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