Tuesday, August 21, 2012

We have a new Driver...AHHH!

In our family, there is a rule that you cannot get your drivers license unless all the paper work is submitted into the Eagle committee for review.  
In Colorado, it took forever for Charlie to have his Eagle Board of review.  So we thought it fair that as long as the boys did ALL that they could do and had turned in everything, they could get their license. Yes, they had to have good grades, that's a given!
In Utah, it doesn't take quiet as long to wait for your review, but we kept the rule that it had to be submitted to the committee first, then he could get his license.
Well, Jacob was a little, no A LOT slower then his brothers in getting this done.  Thankfully a project was suggested and we went with it.  
Over the weekend, he typed up the project, filled out the paper work, got all the signatures and then...the office closed before we got there.  
We were at the DMV for over 3 hours and so, yes, he got his drivers license and yes tomorrow morning he will be turning in his Eagle papers.  
Now he just has to drive alone for 6 months before he can officially have a date with him.
He's a happy camper

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