Friday, January 27, 2012

Sweet Hearts is Upon Us

 Okay, so we weren't really sure if Bryant was going to Sweethearts because his "sweetheart" is taking the ACT test on the same day.
 Well, she surprised him!
 They have a "thingy" for the movie Tangled.  So she took apart 2 skeins of yarn and literally tangled them up.  She then put letters taped in various spots for him to figure out. Into the wee hours, we decided it was a hopeless cause of chaos, so with the help of Dad, I and Bryant...we found all the letters and Bryant figured it out. 

 This is the note that came with the purple bag of yarn.

Since there was no school the following Monday and we have connections to the WJ mascot, we decided it would be funny to surprise Mariah (who goes to a rival school) at dance with her answer coming from Jamale the Jaguar.
I don't have a picture of the fantastic poem we wrote, but the Mascot went into the dance class jammin'  to "Moves like Jagger" with the answer....

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Charlie Roberts said...

bahahahahahhahahha I did not know this. That is awesome!!