Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back to School - Visit from Grandparents

  Grammy and Grampy came up right before school started.  Grampy had a mission reunion and thought it would be cool to wear a hat since that is what they wore in their missions...Pretty snazy!

Every knows that when they come or when you visit you usually end up playing Mormon bridge or Crazy 8's. Grampy usually has the perfect game (I would say over 80% of the time), so when we can get him to take "tricks"..it's awesome.  When someone else wins...it's even better!  Look at who one! Yup, I DID!

 The school year began on Monday for all of my children.
 (yes, even Charlie at BYU...hopefully his pics will come soon...hint, hint!)
 This year Jacob and Bryant get to go to the same school which means less traveling for Mom!  Yah!
Jacob start of his sophomore year and lots, lots of AP/Honors classes!
 Bryant's last school picture...for a while.  This is OUR SENIOR!!!
(He is wearing his glasses because he has run out of contacts for now)

 The last two in High School!  Can we hear a "Halla"!!!!

 Josh's first day of his Senior year...I don't know if he was happy or not.  He did however have a good day!

I know the pictures are a little fuzzy, still trying to work with the camera.  It's tradition to have a little fashion show on my side of the family.  The boys have fun with this, we get some dancin' music going and they do fun poses..they just don't stay there long enough to catch a good pic.
Doug caught them on video...that will be posted later.


LaNae said...

Good-lookin' boys!

cryssal said...

We had our first one man fashion show this year! Hope this year goes great for everyone!