Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Baby turns 15!


This little cutie turned 15 today and what a blessing he has been.
Even though he is our youngest of the 4, he has brought us so much joy and excitement.
It's never a dull moment around Jacob.  
Even though he joined our family rather early, making one brother mad because it wasn't a sister...hahah
He is the sunshine of our home.
Jacob always tries to help no matter what...size doesn't slow him down.
His love for the gospel and wanting to excel in school makes Jacob who he is.
This next year will bring much excitement joining his older brother at WJ, and most important...
DRIVING!  I'm thinking he's grown enough to reach the no blocks of wood for him (wink, wink)

Even though Jacob beats all his brothers in the dramatic department, we love every bit of him and wish him a
rip H.P.

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Erik Lovell said...

Give Jacob a happy birthday from me too!