Wednesday, March 23, 2011


It's time to brag upon Jacob.
Sometimes being the youngest doesn't mean a thing when your 3 older brothers are going everywhere and doing (it seems) everything. But this not so silent young men, is pretty talented.
He recently took a test in his Spanish 2 class. (you see, here in Utah the gifted children are tested and according to their scores are placed in a program now called SALTA) Most 9th graders in this program are already in Spanish 3, but since Jacob moved half way through the 7th grade year, he didn't get that opportunity to take Spanish 1 then.  Anyways...
So they took this test to see who would compete at BYU for those taking Spanish 2
Only 5 are taken from each school.  That's right folks!  Jacob is one of the 5 scoring a perfect 100% on the test.
In fact all 5 students that are going scored 100%.  Those that missed 1 are the alternates.  Pretty intense.
Next year (at the HS) Jacob will be taking Honors Spanish 3 and then some other language to met university requirements of having 2 years of language. 
 They don't count anything prior to 9th grade which is a total bummer.  
I'm thinking he get's his Spanish from maybe Grampy Payne, I know it's not from his father or I...we just know

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Crissie said...

Wow! Awesome! Maybe he'll go to a Spanish speaking mission??