Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Half Full or Half Empty?

This is a question I asked on Sunday.  It's also a question that was asked in the March 2011 Ensign.
So which is it?  Half empty or Half full?
I have to think about my life and those that I come in contact with.
When it comes to the schools my boys attend I'm definitely thinking half full.  I'm grateful for he success each child has had in their schools and look forward to more success to support them on.  Is there school perfect? No!
But for us, right now, it is.  So those with other opinions (not the BYU one) need to find a more positive side.
When it comes to having a son with the dreaded Autistic glass at some point has been half empty, I have to admit, but our family didn't have all the support or help or agencies other families here have.  So we relied on faith, prayers and each other...our glass is half full and we never went it to be empty.
When it came to moving and the emotions of hurt that went with glass was half empty.  I was terrified, hurt, angry, life wasn't happy.  But with help from family, a very loving husband and children who supported me no matter what, it's slowly getting to be half full.
It's surprising, looking at events or comments that have been made and trying to find the positive in all things.  Isn't that easy!~
So again, which is it...half empty or half full?

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