Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Charlie and Erik had the opportunity of providing the musical number for church and for a special Stake Easter Fireside at BYU.
Charlie sang "Consider the Lilies" at church
and "O Divine Redeemer" at the fireside with Erik accompanying him.
They both are very talented.  This is just the practice Saturday night after helping out with Prom.
Other wise, I wouldn't have heard it.


Charlie Roberts said...

meh...i think it turned out a lot better on sunday in the de jong concert hall. I sounded more booming. It was sweet. Those dumb "pardons" and my voice cutting out on mercy...sheeoooot. oh and one more post like this and I will post some very awesome videos of certain people dancing :) mwahahaha

LaNae said...

Please please come visit and sing in our church! That was incredible!

Crissie said...

Wow!! Amazing!!

MOM & DAD said...

Thank you for sharing!!!
Tell Charlie that it was AWESOME!!!
We love his voice!!!