Monday, February 28, 2011

Goodbye February!

Awesome snow storm this past weekend.  Yes, I got to drive through this to go to one of Charlie's ballroom competitions in American Fork.  Good thing Jacob was with me to help keep my nerves down.
Oh, and we found a burger place that might knock out "In and Out" and "5 Guys" for the best burgers/shakes!  
It's called Culvers, they just opened by our Winco, and let me just say, Jacob and I split a lunch and a shake and were in heaven.  It's been decided that our date this Friday will be here, so Doug can judge for himself the yumminess! 


Anonymous said...

Culver's rocks!!! I need to go back one is a little piece of heaven! :)

Crissie said...

I've heard that Culver's is great. We'll have to try it soon. Good luck with your busy week!!