Monday, February 28, 2011


 These are yummy rice balls right out of the fryer!

This is the yumminess that is inside.

Remember Italian Mondays...well, last week I attempted for the 2nd time these rice balls.
The first time I tried them...let's just say they fell apart in the fryer.  The family didn't complain, they were still good to eat, just wasn't a ball of goodness.
So, I decided to try it again.  I didn't know whether to get sticky rice from a restaurant or cook it myself.  So while Bryant and I were out (getting things for a Prom asking...more on that later) I decided to try sushi sticks, right?
The inside is ground Italian turkey with some tomatoes and other Italian type spices.
While the meat was cooling, I diced up some mozz. cheese in small cubes. 
Sounds yummy, huh!
As your rice is cooling you add a beaten egg and some Parmesan cheese. 
(maybe I missed this step the first time) 
You make half a ball in your hand (yes, the rice stays together), then you add a little meat, and that cube of cheese.  Cover it with some more rice and form a ball.  Roll it in some egg and some bread crumbs and FRY it UP!  
Since it worked, the boys decided that next time we need to have some type of sauce to dip it in.
Tonight is Gnocci with Sausage and homemade Ragu!
JEALOUS?  : 0)


LaNae said...

Extremely so--those look delicious!

Jacque said...

YES!!!! We will be there for an "Italian MONDAY"
It better be good :)