Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July


It must have been good.  Charlie and Jacob are still having some :)

I see the families now participating in activities all around for the 4th of July.  When I only had the 2 oldest, our ward did pancake breakfast and parades.  In Colorado, we had fireworks we could light off in the street.  Now in Utah, their's fireworks, parades, running events, movie at the park...holy smoke.  My kids were deprived. 
I think and my opinion, celebrating the 4th needs to happen whether small or big or just a flag saying thank you to all those that have given us our freedoms.
We have our flag, we might do some fireworks, we have one son staying the weekend with us.  One son that is going to work and another son helping out with activities in Provo then a date.  Times have changed, but the flag will always be there.

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