Thursday, March 27, 2014

It's the BIG one!

This is the competition we look forward to all year long.  US National Amateur Competitions.
After Joshua's passing, we were able to attend this event together as a family. The boys all wore their necklaces and I wore mine.  Even Charlie had his under his outfit, so technically Josh was there :)
 Photo bomb done by our silly son!

 The two brothers' watching, well...maybe one watching more then the other.

Thursday night was the big one we were all at.  The US National Amateur Smooth Event.
Both Charlie and Emily competed and made it to the final.
It was an amazing event.
Here is the videos of the night:




Viennese Waltz

As you can tell we were just a wee-bit excited :)

 The 2014 US National Amateur Smooth Champions

 Emily and her Brothers.  She was sooo beautiful, I just felt bad that I didn't get more of her in my videos. Maybe next time?

Charlie and Emily did compete later that weekend in a foxtrot class event and got 2nd place.  They also placed 6th in the open West Coast Swing which I wasn't there for.  That's why there are no pictures. Charlie also placed 3rd in his Paso Doble class.
Not to bad for a weekend :)

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