Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ballroom Concerts

 End of the year ballroom concert

 3rd row seats to the Blackpool premier!

Let's just say that Charlie has been and still is one busy boy! With being on the BYU touring team, his schedule is full of rehearsals, concerts...more rehearsals. In April, they all those on any ballroom team, beginning up to tour, get to perform for family, friends...whoever numbers that are so fun to watch. Then, just this past weekend, we were able to see just the touring team perform numbers they will take on their Blackpool/Europe tour. We were also privileged to see the beautiful costumes (picture will come after they compete) and the numbers they will compete with.  It was amazing to say the least. 
It's always a challenge to see these numbers with Josh, thankfully Doug and I take turns with hopes of not missing to much.  We were grateful that both sides of the family were finally able to see Charlie.

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