Monday, January 14, 2013

Pinteresting New Years

 Here is what we decided to make for our New Years party. Jacob was originally going to have a "Pitch Perfect" party, but decided to have different plans and go to a party instead.  

 Not bad for a spread...It was a jalapeno popper dip, wonton spicy tacos, cranberry pinwheels, of course cake balls and basil tomato wontons.  The dip I think was the biggest hit and the boys were grateful they could enjoy it for a couple of days.  I thought it got hotter each day, it was yummy though.  The spicy wontons, I need to adjust the recipe a bit, the pinwheels...ugh...yah, the cake balls were yummy as always, and the basil tomato wontons were good as long as they were warm, cold...not so good.

 Jake really trying to get to the food.  Silly dog!

The "empty"'s to another exciting year!

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