Friday, November 2, 2012

~Happy Birthday Bryant~

Oh wow! How this young man has grown up.  I know I'm a little late, well, just a day late. It was such a beautiful day, spending Bryant's 19th Birthday going through the temple with family and friends as he went through for the first time. (pics will come later)
So here are 19 things about Bryant:
1. Labor was a blast!
2. He's our southern baby
3. "What"...haha!
4. He makes sure everyone is encluded
5. Loves to smile, and has a gorgeous one!
6. Has a beautiful voice
7. Loves sports, Lacrosse, flag football
8. He gets along with everyone
9. He has a tender heart when it comes to family
10. When there is something he struggles at, he never gives up
11. He gives great hugs
12. Lunch dates are the best
13. He is the tallest
14. Has a great since of humor
15.  Loves family time; aka watching shows and movies together
16. Loves to cook
17. He has chosen to serve a mission
18. He will be missed by all
19. Less then a month and he will be in Heavenly Father's hands
Happy Birthday Bryant
We love you!

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