Tuesday, September 25, 2012


That's right folks, it's Homecoming time.
My youngest is of age.
I'm almost done trying to come up with create ideas!  Halla~
It was a little difficult for Jacob to decide who to ask.
#1 he is new to this dating thing
#2 he now goes to a completely different school
#3 he only knows a handful of people at this new school

But...we came up with a fantastic idea, and his date (she hasn't officially said yes, but unofficially she said yes)...well, let's just say he's excited!
 Okay...here is the corny little poem.  We bought her a frosty and fries at Wendy's (there is a meaning to getting it at Wendy's, but you'll have to ask Jacob about it.)

Then there was 12 balloons she had to pop. They each had some tin-foil wrapped paper inside, but only 4 had writing on the paper stating who was asking, the date, and what dance.
We did have balloons pop, which was scarey and Jacob has never knocked and ran before which was fun to watch.
Homecoming is the weekend of Conference so you'll have to wait for pictures until then.
This is how she answered him:

She came to one of Jacob's lacrosse games and silly stringed him~

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