Friday, August 10, 2012

First Date - Check!

It finally happened.
Jacob had his first DATE
hee hee
He has known this young lady for a while, and then the texting, and laughing and giggling...oh you all know how it goes :)
Anyways, we gave him the 101 instructions on how to ask (NOT THROUGH A TEXT) her out and...he did it.  The first plan was that he was going to double with Bryant, but unfortunately Bry's date bailed out on him last minute (he was not happy).
So, Bry got to be chauffeur and the third wheel...which Jacob didn't mind because Jacob has been third wheel  more then enough for Bryant.
They went out for yogurt and then came over to the house to play Quelf.
Jacob thought the date went pretty good, considering it was his first.
She is still texting him, so she must have had fun...
Now, for a second...

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