Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Father's Day...Catch up

 Jacob helped with Kabobs
 Remember those shirts you made for your Father's...well, we decided to make one for Dad...Bry did an awesome job at even getting Josh to put his hand down to trace.  It was awesome.
 I think this was one of Dad's favorite gifts...it's a hose attachment for something...I just can't remember for what, but he was happy to get it.
 The boys (minus Josh who was done for the day)

It was a wonderful father's day.  Charlie and his friend came up and stayed for dinner/presents/and of course catching up on SYTYCD.
We had a wonderful dinner (minus the potatoes that didn't cook), presents, and then a primary song that took 4 takes.  That's right, 4 tries to remember the words...that wold be why we are all laughing.

 I also wanted to mention the other 2 wonderful men that are father's.  My own father, and Dad's father.  Both are wonderful men and a great influence to our boys.  They have strong testimonies, a love for the temple and especially a love for Family.
I am truly blessed to have such wonderful men around me.
~Happy Father's Day~

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