Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The invisible son

Sometimes the youngest often gets forgotten or not talked about.
It's really not done on purpose, it just happens sometimes.
So I've been trying to make a special effort to catch Jacob in his many talents that make us smile.

He and Bryant had an activity where the Bishop showed them how to make hot wings.
So for one of our Friday meals, Jacob wanted to help make them again.  He was so excited to get first dibs on the wings...Bry had a rehearsal, Doug and I were going out and Josh doesn't eat them.  Although Doug did some taste testing to, just to make sure they were hot enough.
Yes, Jacob was a great brother in saving Bryant at least half of his makings.

I don't know if any of you know, but Jacob has many talents.  Somehow while Grammy was here we get to playing Mormon Bridge and when bidding started talking about being an Auctioneer.  So what does Jacob do...becomes the Auctioneer!  

Then in his AP Euro class they were doing News casts  with accents.  Jacob is really good at Russian and made the funniest Russian News casts...this was only a partial take on what he actually did for his classmates.

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