Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Miracle

This is just half of the IV medicine going into Josh, more came each day.

Our precious angel, who is thankfully still with us!

Out of the ICU and recovering...

It's been a month to say the least.  One that has put our faith and prayers to the ultimate test of trusting solely in our Heavenly Father.  We were prompted to get Josh to the ER room just in time.  The doctor's preformed surgery to fix the problem (hopefully doesn't happen again!), and then the long recovery after such an ordeal with all the complications you could imagine.
It was scary alot of the time, tugged at your heart, but as soon as he heard Bry's voice singing, we knew he was here to stay.  
We were in the ICU room, talking with Josh as they were adjusting medicines.  I remembered I had a song from one of Bryant's concerts on my phone, so I decided to play it right by Josh's ears.  (it's the song in the previous post) As the song came to the end..a little bit of Josh's mouth began to smile.  This was the moment I knew without a doubt that it wasn't his time (again) to leave our family.  Believe me, he has had the opportunity more then twice to go back to Heaven. It's not his time though and we are VERY grateful.
The doctor's and nurses all worked hard to make sure he was home by Christmas and he is,  3 days before!!! 
He is still on huge medication pills for 10 days, but he's eating, getting a little stronger/louder...heehee...and some color is returning to his face (scary white is not a good color on anyone!)
My advice after this....hug your children....relish the moments you get to spend with them, bad or good.  You never know when Heavenly Father will call them back.


cryssal said...

Oh Pam! So glad things are on the upswing!

Crissie said...

We are so happy that he made it safely home...and even in time for Christmas! Hope it was a wonderful day for your family.