Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011 - The Preparation

Charlie decided we needed to adapt to a new tradition.  Each boy gets to make a side dish for Thanksgiving.  (of course with Mom's help if needed...we will see if this will carry over to Christmas)
So Charlie had done 2 Thanksgiving dinners already in Provo so he wanted to attempt the dressing.
No apples, or extra stuff added...I do have to say it was pretty good for the first attempt.

Bryant had candied yams.  He didn't pick it, but they needed to be made so we (Charlie and I) delegated it to him.  I helped him prepare the Yams..That's right, no canned crap used here.  Then we got the spices and sugary stuff.  It was tasty.  I think next time, there might be more marshmallows :)

Jacob got the mash potatoes.  He peeled them, then I helped put them in the steamer and we waited.  Then I told him what ingredients and how much to put in the pot and he started mashin'.  Again...another success!

Here Doug is carving our fantastic turkey.  We could have fed another family.  Did you notice the face in all the pictures.  What is up with my boys and their mouths?  So Doug was a good sport and joined in the festive of picture takin.  AWESOME!!

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Charlie Roberts said...

"For his first time" BAH! That was just a bad round, I gotta find my normal recipe. I've made the entire Turkey table twice btw :)