Sunday, September 25, 2011

What did Josh Do?

What would a "normal" 21 year old do for their birthdays?  Well, Josh wanted to ride the train.  So we did.  He was sooo excited.  Doug dropped us off at the stop near our home and then we rode for about 4 stops.  Doug met us and on our way home, we stopped for McD's...yup, that sums up the party.  Josh did have lots of fun opening up the gifts.  He was getting a little bummed about the many PJ's he received, (Josh has never liked getting clothes!) but his younger brothers were excited and even wanted to try them on.  Does that tell you how cool they are.  He will be stylin' in the hosptial!
He also received some movies to replace the VHS's that are not working.  The only problem is, he loves the covers and think they need to be "scrapped"!

This was 2 minutes before the train arrived.

Bry had to literally hold Josh, he was sooo excited to get on!

Opening the Cookie Monster P.J's!

of course handing Mom the trash!

This is the only video we could put on...the other ones showed his excitement a little too much and some words were repeated...Over, and over again.  hahaha!

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