Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Weekend Get-A-Way

What do you get when you combine a mother with her 4 daughters...lot's of laughing!
This past weekend, my mother treated me to a get a way.  With happens that will go on in our family soon, this is what the doctor ordered.
She got us a room (for those that could stay) at a very nice brand new hotel out south of Gilbert...I think.
Then we went to a FaNcY resturant.

Oh, how I wished Charlie were in my pocket to tell me which things were good to eat.  But, I eventually found out.  It was wonderful!

Two out of three of my sisters (one was supporting her daughter as she cheered for their football game) and my Mother!

The menu that was tooo die for!

The fountain outside our hotel...it was sooo bright at 9 in the morning and you wouldn't believe the temp.  Mid 90's and they said it was beautiful!  WHAT?

We then went and got our toes/feet pampered.

My Mom and I waiting while our toes dried...

Don't they look cute?  It was a wonderful weekend that was spent laughing at "Dora", playing thinking games late at night and not being able to bid the right number, eating yummy snacks, especially  dark choc covered pomegranate seeds. Playing more "bidding" games on Saturday, then enjoying yummy turnovers on the plane ride home.
I love my family!

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