Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sing Off?

This weekend thankfully it was a long one.  The boys needed to practice their audition pieces for the Musical auditions which happen today.  (I will post video's after they audition)
The first musical is Suessical.
Bryant would like to be the Cat, just like Charlie
and Jacob would love to be Jo-Jo.
Hands down Jacob has the acting ability and Bry has the vocal...but somehow we needed to combine the two.
Charlie, bless his pea-pickin heart didn't think his parents could help Bryant find his "childhood" and be a goof!
So he came for a short time on Sunday and showed the boys what they needed to do.
It was awesome!

Josh even had fun singing along.
While practicing and showing Bryant some "moves" they had a sing off...in the video, their voices really match and it's almost hard to tell whose voice is whose.

Charlie was also able to show Jacob some moves...but Jacob couldn't decided which octave to sing it at.  Yes, he can sing high and low, so hopefully today he will get which one the director would like to hear him sing.
Wouldn't that be a hoot to have them in the parts they really want.
If wishes...were fishes...
To be continued......


Charlie Roberts said...

oh how embarrassing...whatever...i guess if worse comes to worse...i do have a lovely one of you doing the dance game on the wii :-)

Linda said...

That was fun to hear Josh singing!