Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Quickie!

 This past weekend, Bryant and I had the opportunity to fly to AZ for my nephew's final talk before leaving on his mission.  Plus, we needed Bry to get out of the "DRAMA" here...
He was very excited to go on his first plane ride...almost as excited as Charlie seeing the Royal wedding and Pippa.  haha!

When we arrived we went out to lunch with one of my sisters and her daughter...These two are so funny when they get together.  Instead of going to our usual "AppleBee's" we went to Gecko Grilll...YUM!~
They have a different menu then over here and I was happy to get my favorite...mini chimi's with jalapeño cream cheese. Bryant had never been, so he ordered a fiesta burro...he just needed a widdle help cutting his food.

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Julie said...

We love trips to Arizona! Looks like you guys had fun!! It's so cool your kids have cousins that are close in age and get along with.