Monday, May 23, 2011


Last week, well let's just say it's not going to be repeated!  NOT a good week.
Things started looking a little better on Friday and I found my giggle.
I had a wonderful friend suggest that I take one of our sons on a date.  I did. and we saw PIRATES!
In the previews though, the HP trailer came out and I felt a little giggles, some goose pimples...and what does my date say..., "Mom, you are embarrassing me"...bahahah!
When we got home, Doug took the other son to see the movie...that's how things sometimes roll in our home.
It was a good night.
The weekend was upon us and needed to get the sunshine back into my groove. question is...
what makes you giggle?
Here are some of my favorites:
The first 7 to 8 notes of WICKED!  
Eat, Pray, of my favorites
Under the Tuscan Sun...another favorite
Hearing Josh predict whats going to happen in a movie, before it happens...AWESOME!
Having theatrical conversations at the dinner table...this means with accents when explaining something and acting abilities to keep the stories alive.
Hearing my son giggle over a girl (not telling which one!)
A husband that knows all that's been going on, and brings me something some special.
My giggle is on it's way BACK!

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Cammie said...

The Office. Also, hearing about how my sister called 911 yesterday because McKay got the wind knocked out of him. It's not fun to have the wind knocked out of you, but calling 911 because you are freaking out unnecessarily IS funny.