Tuesday, May 31, 2011

50th Anniversary and Saying Goodbyes

The "older" cousins all eating a wonderful Sunday dinner the Grampy and Grammy made...
"Til, We Meet Again."

 My Niece Jacque taking pics with my camera.  This cutie is Jade.  
 My parents expression when they opened up their quilt.

 Some how, many people get the spelling of my father's name wrong...NOT this time!

 Looking at the detail.  We had it specially made in Orem.  They put the AZ temple (that's where they were married) the date, their names and then 50th on the top.  It was gorgeous!  All the sisters pitched in to get this awesome gift.
 I think it was a success.

The Three-some before their missions (in the back is the Missionary mom...my sis!)
Chantz in the middle is entering the MTC on Wednesday...then it will be Bryants turn and then Aly's...so it could be around 4 years when these three all get together again.  I wonder what 4 years will bring?

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