Wednesday, April 6, 2011

That Time Again!

 Maybe because it's spring, I get this way...but holy moly!
Now, I don't need the lecture of..."this is what a Mom's job is..." blah, blah, blah!
Just some days or's time to say ENOUGH!
I understand, lot's of readings/friends/family have small children and your jobs seem to last forever..
JUST wait until you have teenagers...I'm not meaning the "beginning" teenagers...The older they get,
the more it's MOM's JoB!
NOT toDaY!
For this second/minute/hour...
I'm done.
Done with Laundry 
Done with cooking
Done with cleaning
Done with errands

JUST Done!  
Who wants to join me?
No....I'm not having a bad day!
I'm just on StRiKE!


Becky said...

let me know how long your on strike! If you need someone to help you fill all of your now free time give me a call, of course I may be busy!!! Love ya!

cryssal said...

I am totally with you! I love it when I am finally asking for help and my son says well, you don't do anything all day! Nope, you're right I don't and you never wear dirty clothes or go unfed and I certainly couldn't have gone to work for a few hours either! Arg!