Monday, February 14, 2011

We ARE raising Gentlemen!!!!

So, I think everyone knows the story of Bryant and the Sweethearts Dance. If not, here is the short version.... Sweethearts Dance for his school was on the 12th.  He was asked about 2 weeks ago by his "girl" friend.  Over the weekend in which he was asked, we were getting ready the following Monday to answer her....when out of no where, she ended the dating, the dance...for nothing!  Here we go again.  This has happened to Bryant more then once.  Remember this is 2 Mondays by the weekend before the dance another person asked him to go, but we didn't feel comfortable in letting him go with her (personal choice Dad and I made) so it was looking like no Sweethearts Dance for Bry.
Friday night as our family was out for an early Valentine Celebration, we noticed we had a phone call from an individual that we had no idea who it was.  She later called around 9ish and asked for Bry.  Since he was out with the "boys" Doug took the call.  
It went something like this....The 2nd counselor in the bishopric daughter in law had a sister whose date just broke his foot and needed a date for the Sweethearts Dance which happened to be on the same night as all the other High Schools dance.  Bryant was recommended to this young lady by our bishop who told the bishopric member that he was a "good" kid and would treat her like a lady.  BROWNIE points to the parents!  That's us!
So Bryant got her phone number (while still out with the boys) found out the color of her dress and after he came home, we scampered to find an outfit.
Thankfully he already had the tie/vest/pants/white shirt (really, who doesn't have a white shirt) and we even found a place to make the flower wristlet.  WHEW~
They had a pretty good group going and did a day date that started at 11 a.m. He returned around 3ish and got ready for the dinner/dance.  Let's just say he had a good time meeting new people and being able to make
this young lady feel special.  You'll need to ask him about the cartwheel though.


LaNae said...

We always knew Bryant was Great! Hope he had fun!

Chelsey Oliver: said...

YAy Bry!! Such a classy guy :)Miss you guys XOXO