Sunday, February 20, 2011

All Because of a Mullet!

Bryant's last musical this year is called "The Wedding Singer"...G-rated or kid friendly.
It's being put on the 3rd week of March and so the director has instructed the boys they needed to grow out their hair because he would like them ALL to have mullets to fit the time period.
Or....get a perm and cut the sides short to fit the era.
Since both Dad and I refuse to let Bry's hair get long in back to have the full mullet effect (yes, I know what one is and yes, I had a beautiful one...those pictures are hidden for a reason!)
Bry wanted to try the perm.
I called different places and for just a stupid perm that only has to last 4ish weeks would have cost us over $45
I called a sister that tried it on one of her children and got some advice.
So Saturday we ventured to get all the shtuff.
What type of rods...hadn't a clue idea
I did know we needed paper, gloves (which I always have at home) cotton.
So...We started wrapping around 4:30
WHAT stubborn hair he has!  Oh my heavens....I would just get a couple rolled then Bryant would move his stupid head and the hairs would start poppin out.  I now feel sorry for the blessed hairdressers that gave me my perms for sooo many years!  What patience!
 The smell was getting to us all, so we opened the windows...yes it was raining, sleeting, snowing..but it was yucky smellin! I just wrapped the top and tried my best to get the sides and back...Yah, that didn't work so well.
 The finished look.
A lot better now that he isn't doing the "Beiber" thing with his hair...I'm just wondering how long it's actually going to last.  He hasn't washed know waiting for that 24 hour period or is it longer...who knows...but in 4 will be cut and lookin nice!


Becky said...

Reminds me of a certain play director that wanted my son to have long hair for a certain play not that long ago! Love the perm! Bet the girls all want to run their fingers through it at school!!

LaNae said...

It look great! I am glad it turned out--you should be a professional!

Susanne said...

You did a great job, Pam! I know we're not getting the full view of his head in those pictures but what I can see of his hair--it looks good.